Exclusive Encounters

Wondering what it’s like underwater? Come dive with us!

At Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters, you can immerse yourself in the fabulously unique environments of the Florida Keys, including getting into the tank for aquarium diving with our coral reef dwellers, stingrays and much more. Best of all, our trained professionals are with our visitors every step of the way.

Our visitors immerse themselves for Marathon aquarium diving in our Coral Reef Encounter Tank, a diverse coral reef environment with a wide variety of Coral Reef inhabitants. The regulator package offers even more delights than a swim with fish in the standard Coral Reef Package.

Assist one of our Marine Biologists with the training of several species of young stingrays. The Marine Biologist will teach you the step-by-step method of behavioral training, and allow you to participate in the process.

The perfect adventure for anyone. This exclusive aquarium encounter puts you in the middle of the action with caribbean stingrays, including up-close and personal interaction with nature’s professional gliders.

Our guests are welcomed into the lagoon enclosure with access to Marathon aquarium snorkeling in the Florida Keys and explore the unique inhabitants of our private saltwater lagoon. Within the lagoon our visitors will find a wide variety of in-shore and coastal fish and other marine life.

Nurse sharks are relatively docile sharks, making them easy for humans to interact within a controlled marine environment. Their unique eating style allows our visitors to get up close and personal with and feed an adult nurse shark in our tank.

Our Coral Reef Encounter is the perfect adventure for anyone looking to experience the thrill of swimming with fish in a thriving Florida Keys coral reef ecosystem! Get in the water for Marathon aquarium snorkeling and experience a thriving ecosystem in action.

As a commitment to providing the most exclusive diving and snorkeling encounters at our Marathon aquarium, we now offer private Aquarium Encounter tours for individuals and groups who are looking to experience the magic of the ocean from a more personalized perspective.

Ready to Join us for your Exclusive Aquarium Encounter?

Our visitor information is readily available for new guests ready to start a new aquarium snorkeling, diving, or manta ray meet-up adventure at our Marathon aquarium

We know that you may have some questions about the Aquarium Encounter process and we’re here to help assist you, your family or group with personalized service for the highest quality Aquarium Encounter possible.

A magical, tropical experience you won't forget.

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