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Aquarium Encounters turns 5 years old!!

entry to aquarium

Thank you so much for all the years of support and fun! We appreciate each and every visitor we have had over the years and we hope to continue our goal of educating the public daily. We have many new projects in store for this next year and can’t wait to share them all with…

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Does Size Really Matter? Swim with Mobula rays.

Story by Brad Rose At Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters in Marathon, we are home to many unique animals; the Mobula ray is certainly no exception. Currently these gentle gliders can only be found at 7 facilities worldwide! The Mobula ray is a slightly smaller cousin of the giant Manta ray. These beautiful and majestic creatures…

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Bridging the Gap: Hooking the Next Generation

By Chance Ruder, NAUI 52587, Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters Dive Team Immediately after they break the surface, my two young guests burst into excited chittering. “Did you see that eel come up? It was huge! Those lobsters look even bigger underwater! Dad, we have to get certified; that was amazing.” It was the kind of…

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Invasion of the Lionfish!

by Victoria Garcia Many might see a lionfish with its long flowing fins and red and white striped coloration as a harmless fish but here in the Florida Keys we view this unique creature differently. The lionfish (Pterois volitans) is an invasive species to the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, originally found in the…

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Get to know local artist Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson, was born in born in Montpelier, Vermont. He attended Union32 high school and enjoyed playing basketball.  He is married with two girls, Sara (7) and Shaina (5).  Jason always first realized his love of art during his high school Art classes, which were very educational and inspiring. He came to Key West in April…

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